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Computer Security Policies - Web Links

  • Enterprise Security World
    Unix, Linux, iSeries, NT and OS/390 Security Specialists

  • Purdue
    Educational Establishment for IS

  • Disaster Recovery
    Disaster Recovery World

  • Business Continuity Toolkit

  • HomeLand
    Security advice direct from the White House

  • ITIL
    The IT Infrastructure Library

  • Security Policies and Compliance
    Focusing upon compliance issues

  • SecureRoot
    Major IS Portal

  • BS 7799
    The security standard 7799

  • SecureMac
    How secure is your MAC?

  • iSecurityShop
    For security products ranging from anti-virus to firewalls

  • Cryptography and Misc IS Issues
    Major Portal

  • The Window To
    B2B IS Resource

  • AS/400 Security World
    AS/400 Security Portal

  • Safestone Technologies
    Safestone's Corporate Site

  • AntiPiracy World
    Software Piracy Solutions

  • NAO
    The National Audit Office

  • Business Continuity
    Business Continuity World



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